Tug-E-Nuff Clam


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Meet the dog treat ball you can take everywhere


Tug-E-Nuff is a family-run dog toy brand that’s on a mission to enrich the relationship humans and dogs share using the Power of Play - bringing change, enrichment and positivity to dogs' lives. #1 in the world for tug toys since 2009 - committed to sustainability and to using responsibly-sourced, quality materials.

If you’re struggling with your dog’s recall, looking for ways to provide mental stimulation, through tracking – The Clam is for you! Fill it with tasty treats, and watch your dog’s desire to play take hold.

This dog treat ball has a sturdy fastening, which allows you to slowly increase the difficulty as your dog grows in confidence with their new toy. It also keeps treats safely nestled inside, so they don’t fall out when you throw it!

Instantly reward your dog from near or far (as they can open it themselves - using their nose), and watch your training results surge.

What is it that makes the Clam so fetching?! No more waiting for you to catch up!

Key Features:

  • Perfect for food driven dogs and playful hounds alike
  • Instant at-a-distance reward
  • Small enough to keep hidden from sight, whip it out for a timely reward
  • Versatile - throw it, hide it, find it, fetch it, tug it
  • Confidence building and boredom busting in one hit
  • Great training reward toy from near and far
  • Maximise your results in minimal time with this Clam Training Guide
  • Approximately 11cm in diameter
  • Machine washable

Please note: Time spent playing with you is the ultimate reward! Tug-E-Nuff toys are designed for interactive play and should only be used with supervision. This way you can help out if needed to ensure The Clam doesn't get chewed up.

Discover here 5 fun ways to use The Clam.

Customer Reviews

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Soooo Much Fun!

My dog's opinion of this nifty, novel capsule that perfectly cocoons a green lipped mussel (or other delectable morsel) for a treasure hunt? More woofs of approval than I can possibly count. Quinn loves this!

Oh, she looks sooo happy! Yay Quinn! Hank and Mouse absolutely looove the Clam as well <3

Margaret Lamont

Dogs love it especially with treats in it yes lots of fun.

Nice! Such a great toy indeed. :)