Venison Hooves


HappyPet 100% Natural New Zealand Venison


If your dog would benefit from joining the slow-food movement, then look no further. Our Deer Hooves are the real deal – complete with bones, ligaments, tendons and hair. (Note: They are not for the faint-hearted owner). Three things make Deer Hooves gloriously slow-going: 1) Your dog must decide where to begin. Hoof end...? Or bone end...? 2) The hard, shiny hoof is tricky to grip between paws. 3) The hoof itself is generally the last part left. Think canine "gobstopper".

  • 4 Pack
  • Resealable bag

All chews should be supervised until you are confident that your dog is chewing them smartly. Because this treat is has bone, it should only be fed when you’re around, even for the smart chewers. It is recommended to give a maximum of 1-2 hooves per week and remove it once pup is done and give it back a day or more later again. And remember to always have access to fresh water available.