Venison Sinew


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The perfect chew for the lil' dog!


Venison Sinew with its collagen and cartilage (rich sources of glycosaminoglycans) is the ideal support for skin, coat, joint and tendon health, particularly in older pets or hard-working dogs. Sinew has been used for over 2,000 years for different bodily ailments and joint problems and is said to be beneficial in improving joint mobility and function, strengthening bones and tendons and providing relief from arthritis and joint pain.

Gnawing on this not only keeps your wee dog occupied, but it also acts as a nature’s toothbrush as it scraps away plaque and tartar with the chewing action. Deer sinew is also known to have a tough texture making it a lasting chew for your little dog.

  • Dogs love the taste and smell
  • Not messy
  • Great for puppies, little dogs or older dogs that don’t like hard chews or of course just a lil' snack for any sized dog
  • Aid teeth & gum health
  • Suitable for dogs with food sensitivities
  • 16 pieces at ≈ 12cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Charlotte Mew
New Fave Treats!

My pup loves these!! Awesome for keeping her happy while in the car too, highly recommend

Perfect! Thanks so much for sharing the photos. Glad they are a hit! :)

Annie Goomes
Perfect wee chew

Love these chews! They’re small enough that I can give him one every day but they also last a good 5 mins.

Nice, we thought they were a great find, so glad that's getting confirmed. <3
Thanks for sharing the photo of Gussy! :)