Meaty Venison Tendons


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HappyPet 100% Natural New Zealand Venison


The dogs have voted. Meaty Tendons are their all-time favourite. With the crunchy prime venison meat left on, these treats are in a league of their own for taste and smell. They are the perfect long-chew distraction for dogs who get anxious when left alone. Better still, they won’t splinter.

  • Available in Standard length and Mini length
  • Resealable bag

Protein % 53.6 | Fat % 19.5 | Fibre % 10 | Energy (kcal/100g) 353

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Foxie Lady

Tim seemed reasonably happy chewing on the venison tendons although he managed to get through them quickly. I think the bull pizzles are his chew of choice. :)

That's fair, a Bull Pizzle will definitely last a lot longer than a Venison Tendon. :)

Jenny C
Fantastic with a Qwizl

Oh gosh! These combined with a WestPaw Qwizl have been a life saver! They just keep our super-alert Australian Kelpie engaged and focused for ages. She happily chews and chews, even when the tendon is well and truly stuck in the Qwizl. Once she's had enough we use a knife steel to give the stuck tendon a nudge and she's happily back to chewing. And the Qwizl stands up to all her chewing no problem!

That's so great, what an awesome combo aye!? So glad it's such a great chew for your Kelpie! <3

Another great snack from HappyPet

My Bichon Archie loves the HappyPet Golden Tendons in his qwizl, so I thought I'd give these a try. I got the mini tendons and Archie loves them! Some of them are actually too big for the small qwizl, however I keep these ones as just a snack so works great for what I need them for. (Some of them do fit, but not as many as the golden tendons) Also sooo good for their teeth. I no longer use artificial dental treats like whimsies or greenies as I feel so much better about giving something natural and long lasting. (Picture of the pup in question for size reference)

Great feedback, thank you. Yes, the Meaty ones are often just a tad too big. Try Steer Pizzles for an alternative to the Golden Tendons. :) Love the photos as always! <3
And so great you are no longer needing the artificial chews, love it! :)


So satisfying for my dog. Pop one in a Qwizl, wedge two Toppls together with one, bundle one up in a fun treasure hunt...the list of possibilities goes on. Love seeing how much enjoyment and satisfaction my girl gets from chomping on one of these!

Awesome, love that you are getting creative with making these last even longer, nice tips! :)

Great chewies

These are great chewies for puppies of all sizes! I haven’t met a dog yet who doesn’t like them. A good way to keep your dog entertained

Indeed! Thanks so much for leaving a review! :)