Venison Tubes


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Stuff it like a Cannoli!


Venison Trachea is made from the windpipe of deer, the cartilage tube that leads from the mouth to the lungs. It doesn't just make a great chew, but also a feeding alternative to a bowl, just stuff it.

Perfect for dental health and naturally rich in glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy bones and joints. 

  • No added colours, flavours or preservatives
  • 4 pieces, each about 11-16cm long

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pup's favourite

My puppy loves these! So far, his favourite of the chews we've tried.

Yay, that's fantastic. And especially if you freeze things into them, they can last quite long. :)

Lorraine Bidois
Did someone say venison? YUM!

My dogs REALLY look forward to the venison tubes. I cut them into about 4 bits because it takes them ages to get through them and they're just little dogs so a quarter of one of them is plenty. And it makes the pack last for ages.

Perfect. For a special treat you could even freeze something into a piece. Thank you for sharing! <3

Great value!

My boys love these. I stuff them & freeze them, and they get one each some days when I go off to work. I find freezing them with random food makes them last a lot longer & the boys absolutely love them & actually take some time to work their way through them 😊

That is such an awesome use for them! No need to worry about whether they break the toy you froze the food into as it's part of the snack! <3