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Official Walky Dog Plus® Bike Leash





    • High-carbon stainless steel construction with solid brass end-cap.
    • Patented one of a kind quick-lock/release mechanism. Allows for quickly attaching and detaching the bar portion in under 1 second for safe storage or use on another bike.
    • Universal adjustable seatpost clamp for mounting on nearly any bike seatpost or frame, comes with PVC rubber liner.
    • Military Grade 550 paracord for added strength and longevity with adjustable internal spring system for dogs of varying strengths.
    • Internal shock-absorbing system allows for sudden movement by your dog.
    • TÜV SÜD Product Service Certification Approved Mark for "German Quality" Tested for Safety.
    • Comes with complete set up and tools for mounting.
    • Bike Jaw includes PVC rubber liner, Hexagonal Stainless Steel Allen Bolt Screws 1.5 inch. Hexagonal stainless steel Jam Lock Nuts, where the one nut is jammed up against the other to prevent movement.
    • In the photo you can see the bike attachment with its original rope is about 57cm long. We add in a replacement rope that lets you extend the length to about 107cm as we prefer to give the dogs a bit more room.
    • Cannot be tightened around carbon fibre. If unsure whether this would work with your dropper seat, maybe email us a photo first.
    • It's recommended that the weight of the person is greater than at least 35 kg compared to the weight of the dog.
    • Ensure to check brass end cap on wand to make sure is screwed down all the way and tightened.
    • Lets you add Poo Bag Holder at 20% Discount
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Also available for purchase as spares:

The rubber pvc liner can be used if mounting on a painted portion of your bike. The rubber pvc liner is not needed for mounting under the seat post. Mounting metal to metal provides the best grip to prevent any turning or movement of the wand. Please take the time to walk your dog with the wand unmounted from the bike to get them familiar with it.

How-to video on the easy few steps to extend the length of the bike leash

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Gill Odell
Second walky dog trial

Been away in Nelson/Tasman. Took Scout on short jog from Springrove to Brightwater. Then round Rough Island two days later. He seems to have the hang of it with lots of encouragement. Walky Dog worked really well. Thanks for such prompt and helpful service!

So lovely that you shared a photo with us! He'll just get more and more into it from here. :) I love that you started off easy and let him get the hang of it. To many many awesome bike rides for you guys! <3

Richard MacDonald

Really good quality, very solid.

Awesome, thanks for leaving a review. Glad it's working well for you! :)

Great Invesment

My 7 year old Weimaraner picked it up instantly, Only taken him on short rides so far to get him used to it but its going well.

Only issue I have come across is my boy is quite strong, He tends to be able to twist the bike seat round if he really wants to no matter how much I tighten it, I have come across others online who have remedied this issue by adding a support strop from the walky dog plus down to the back of the bike frame where the rear wheel is bolted through.
I am yet to try this, will give it a go if it ends up bothering me.

Oh and a short bike ride followed by a walk in the Park He was out to it for the rest of the day !

That's a cute face!!

Personally I went the other way and loosened the jaw on the bike seat, so in the rare occasion where anything gets pulled around it's the pole rather than the seat and usually it adjusts itself while I keep biking. Might be worth a try?

Lucy Kim
Great attachment

Very stable and helpful for keeping my dog by my side as i ride bike. I got two sets so my partner and myself can run two dogs at the same time :)

Yay, so good you got to grab a second one once you saw how awesome they are. :D
Thanks so much for the review <3

Susan Boult
Good but ...

Its great as far as what its designed for (absorb the impact of a dog pulling) BUT the piece that holds onto the bike and the screws are not high quality and keeps loosening (or I got a faulty one). Also it doesn't fit on a bike with a dropper seat post. If the dog goes behind the bike she will pull you over. I have the scars to prove it. Also good for people to know that this aid needs training for the dog and the human. You need to maintain voice and eye contact when the dog (and human) are getting used to it. Hope this is helpful for someone :-)

Hi Susan, Thanks so much for the feedback. One of our bikes has a dropper seat and it works fine, but we have it attached to the bit that doesn't move. Could you send us a photo of your setup, so we can have a look and give you tips as to how to attach it better?
In the meantime I would strongly suggest not to use it as it's not safe if it's not properly attached.
We look forward to a photo and hopefully we can resolve your issue.