WestPaw Zwig


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The stick that's safe


A fetching “stick” so wonderfully bendy and squishy that humans like to play with it almost as much as dogs do! Zwig is safer than a twig and has a twist that makes it perfect for play in water and on land. Zwig combines shapes and textures to create an irresistible chew-feel with a bouncy action that keeps going even when dogs are just carrying it around (which they love to do). It’s easy for even pups or senior dogs to grasp by mouth or hold between the paws while chewing. Its length makes for a safe distance between hands and jaws for tug-o-war. Perfect dog toy for two-dog play. West Paw Zwig has a hollow center making it lightweight and durable for moderate and persistent chewers who like the springy resistance of a more flexible chew toy.

  • Safe alternative to sticks, won’t splinter or pierce inside of mouth
  • Hollow, squishy feel is satisfying to chew, catch and carry
  • Non-toxic & Dishwasher Safe (top rack)
  • Made with zero-waste and recyclable Zogoflex material in the US
  • Covered by our One-Time Replacement Guarantee

Size: 35cm

Tips & Tricks:

  • Playing tug with a Zwig is a great way to build up your dog's confidence. Sometimes let the dog win.
  • Replace all splintery sticks with a safer Zwig.
  • Remove Zwig from pools, or any standing water, after play.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
No more nipped fingers

Our wee man loves his Zwig and so do we! We both can hold it safely without any accidental bites or bumps. Nice and sturdy for a fella who has a good chew action.

Nice, that's so great to hear! :)
Thanks so much for sharing!

Brings much joy

The Zwig is great as it is injury free, bounces, floats and is easy on Poppy’s mouth. We have experienced two mouth injuries from tree branches / sticks landing awkwardly and impacting her mouth, so the Zwig is ideal for a mouthy Labrador!

Lovely to hear that Poppy enjoys the Zwig and you can safely play with her! :)
Thanks so much for the gorgeous photo! <3

Lucy and Bella
The Best Fun!

Lucy Loves her new toy. So satisfying to chew (the air being squeezed out of the end when they bite down makes a super squish sound/feel they they can't seem to resist) and aaaallll the dogs wanted it when it was unwrapped by the Lucky Lucy on Christmas day.

Ha! Our Staffy X loves exactly that squish feel as well, he lays there for hours just releasing the air :D