Wishbone Gourmet


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Hold and Chew Design with 3 engaging chewing ends


Featuring a realistic stick-like texture that helps clean teeth and entices chewing, they are also bursting with Chicken flavour throughout. 

Inspired by that distinct “this is the life” feeling of satisfaction, Nylabone created Gourmet Style chew toys to wow flavor-obsessed dogs who crave a new type of chewing experience! Featuring bold flavor roasted throughout, this Gourmet Style Strong Chew wishbone dog toy contains enticing bits of tasty goodness you can see—leaving even the most particular pups with a sense of chewing gratification. With an arched ergonomic design, the wishbone shape is easy to hold and chew from any angle. Plus, it offers three different chewing ends and helps clean teeth as dogs enjoy. 

  • Uniquely crafted with bold bits of gourmet flavour you can see
  • Wishbone dog toy designed in an arched shape for comfortable chewing
  • Tough material provides strong chewers long-lasting enjoyment
  • Veterinarian-recommended chew toy is proudly made in the USA
  • Made with savoury chicken flavour throughout

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chrissy Turnhout
Wishbone Gourmet

I loved the idea of this to stop her destroying her toys but unfortunately the minute she got it she took off and buried it - goodness knows where so not sure if it was great or not!!!!

Oh no... it usually means it was high value for her, but that's not helping... If you ever have something like it again, maybe start in the lounge so it can't be hidden away completely.
Sorry to hear you might never know where it went.

Wishbone Gourmet

Disappointed in this item. My dog gave it a good chew then very small pieces came off and got stuck in his teeth. Not easy to get them out of his teeth area!!!! Not an item I would purchase again.

Sorry to hear you are disappointed and had issues with the chew. I have never heard of anything getting stuck between a dog's teeth, except wooden splinters from sticks in the actual gum, but there is a first for everything. It certainly sounds like your dog's teeth are shaped in a way that make this chew unsafe, so I would not give it back to him and stay away from any chews that are there to gnaw away on as they are all designed to have little pieces break off. I'd instead investigate toys that have a replacement guarantee as they are highly unlikely to have anything break off and will be much safer for your boy!

Mel Barber
Firm favourite

Quick delivery and the dogs both love it.
Really durable (and we have destroyer dogs). Will last ages!

Fantastic, thanks so much for the review, glad we found a favourite! :)

Cara Ferguson
Best chew ever!

Our big chewer staffie mix Biggie literally can’t get enough of his new Wishbone gourmet. The unique shape is especially good as he can hold it steady and provides variety.

Yay Biggie, so glad you found a new fav' <3


Great product