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Easy Peasy Starter Puzzle


Use the Wobble Bowl as a puzzle game to provide fun physical and mental stimulation. Or use the Wobble Bowl as a slow feeder to slow your dog's eating pace and prevent bloat and indigestion. The Wobble Bowl holds up to 1 cup of food and perfect for dogs that have never used a treat puzzle before. The non-slip base is quiet on hard floors and won't scratch or scuff floors while your dog plays. The lid is removable for easy cleaning; hand wash with soap and water after the dog treats have been emptied.

Slow Feeder - Puzzle and Feeder in one! Wobble Bowl turns meals into an interactive game! Keeps dogs engaged and prolongs mealtime.

Remove stopper from the lid. Pour food or treats into the Wobble Bowl. To make it easier in the beginning, you can shake it slightly to disperse the food. Close the lid properly with the stopper. Place the game on the floor, show your dog how to wobble it back and forth with his nose or paws until the food falls out on the sides. The transparent lid with visible food or treats motivates the dog to work on getting all the pieces. The Wobble Bowl works great with both dry kibble and treats.

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Size: 28.5 x 28.5 cm, height 10 cm

  • Fights boredom by keeping your dog busy – Boredom Busters

  • Helps reduce destructive behaviour by exercising your dog´s mind

  • Strengthen the bond with your dog

  • Fun for all dogs – regardless of age & size.

Supervise when playing, and don't let the dog chew on the toy. Teach your dog how to use the puzzle, play and have fun together. Put away until next time. Fill again for more fun!

Bpa pvc & phthalate free.

Customer Reviews

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Cptn Feijoa
Great bowl alternative

This wobble bowl is great replacement of your classic bowl. It's engaging enough and will certainly prevent your dog from eating their meal too fast but it's not too difficult to figure out so the dog wont get frustrated.
I would just recommend showing your dog the right technique first - push it with nose or paw - and make sure they do that.
Our dog figured that grabbing the bowl by her teeth where the holes are and dragging it sideways will get heaps of crunchies out at once plus sometimes the lid can come undone when she does it so she can get to the while content at once. And that's cheating! :D Now that she knows, that's her preferred technique!

That's a really good tip. Once our dogs figured something out it's always hard to go back, so taking a bit of time at the beginning to introduce new things can often pay off. Maybe pop it away for a few weeks and then introduce again. :)

Karen Lawton
Wobble Bowl

Interestingly it took our puppy a while to get the hang on this, despite being very nose/pushing oriented. Sorted now and enjoyed. A great distraction for a while.

Ha, wonder why that was. Maybe she wasn't used to the hard plastic push yet. Glad she figured it out!