Wood Chew Stick Peanut Butter


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Nylabone - Safer alternative to real sticks


Dogs are born to chew. Chewing is relaxing. Keep your dog busy, happy and satisfied with these chew toys made in an enticing realistic stick-like texture, built to challenge and entertain dogs with strong chewing styles. The universally loved shape offers dogs the realistic look and feel of real sticks, but is safer and cleaner. Plus, the textured surface helps clean teeth as dogs chew.

Inspired by that distinct “this is the life” feeling of satisfaction, Nylabone created Gourmet Style chew toys to wow flavour-obsessed dogs who crave a new type of chewing experience! Crafted with bold flavour roasted throughout, this Gourmet Style Strong Chew stick dog toy features enticing bits of tasty goodness you can see — this one is bursting with Peanut Butter flavour, leaving even the most particular pups with a sense of chewing gratification.

  • Stick dog toy is safer and cleaner than real sticks - no splintering, no mess
  • Tough material provides strong chewers long-lasting enjoyment
  • Satisfies Natural Urge To Chew
  • Discourages Destructive Chewing
  • Fights Boredom
  • Helps Clean Teeth
  • Uniquely crafted throughout with bold bits of indulgent Peanut Butter flavour you can see
  • Veterinarian-recommended chew toy is proudly made in the USA

As always, supervise your dog’s use of toys. While this toy is meant to be chewed, it is not intended to be eaten or ingested. Check frequently and replace if worn or damaged or becomes too small to chew safely.

Select the proper size and type of chew for your dog's weight and chewing strength. In multidog-households select chews appropriate for the largest, strongest chewer.

Please note that according to packaging recommendation, the Small size is for dogs up to 16kg and the Giant size is for dogs over 23kg. However, when looking at the sizes and considering they are the same material and you'd rather have the stick slightly too big than too small, our recommendation is that Small is for dogs under 10kg and Giant for dogs over 10kg.

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Out of all the chew toys/bones I bought for my puppy over the months. This stick is the only thing that has lasted while being crewed daily.

That's awesome feedback. Same in our household next to Goat Horns and Deer Antlers. That's so great you found the perfect chew! :)