Moo Shoes

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A long lasting affordable chew


These cow hooves are a long lasting chew that's low-odour. They are light-weight and dry well after moistened.

Moo Shoes turn fibrous as they are chewed on which helps remove harmful plaque buildup for cleaner teeth and fresher breath and they help stimulate jaw muscles when chewing. 

Can be filled with raw meat or other spreads and can be frozen again and again. So, a chew that's not just for chewing, but also for licking: two feel-good behaviours that facilitate relaxation in one.

Please note: Supervise your dog as we don't want them to just chomp down with their back teeth and break, but rather chew and moist and work away over time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Moo shoes a hit

Our second batch & being enjoyed as much as the first. A vicious chewer moo shoes are the only thing I’ve found that lasts a decent amount of time for my whippet.

That's fantastic, I am glad they are enjoyed so thoroughly! Thanks so much for the cute photo too <3

Linda F
Moo shoes

Oh my! Our dogs, beagle & Sprocker go absolutely mad for them! They spend ages chewing them & they last for several days. Sometimes they have a tug of war with them!

Yay, a winner for those two. Thanks for sharing! <3

Hunters mum
Hunter loves them!

He's not a patient chewer so we needed to find something that would slow him down, that he couldn't just nibble and swallow half whole - the Moo Shoes were it! The shape of them makes it harder for him to break down... he chucks it around each morning like a toy then settles in for a good chewing session.. these last a week or two, sometimes three for him. Have shared the pack with friends for their dogs so need to order more.

Hunter is so handsome!! Thank you so much for sharing. That sounds like a truly perfect fit of dog chew/play style and chew and you are lucky he chose one that lasts long and is not too expensive. :)

Longer lasting chew

Such great value. These are highly prized possessions for my dogs. They last for ages.

Nice! So good to find a favourite they love! :)

Karlene Dempsey

Absolutely love these. I stuff them with an ice cream ( not real ice cream)creation and put them in the freezer and she has them on a hot day. Normal days stuff them with treats and a bit of dog roll cover with peanut butter. She can't get enough. Even empty she will chew on them . Perfect for my 6 month old puppy

Love that! Feel free to share photos of your creations. :)
Thanks so much for the review!