Training Lead


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Multi-Functional Double Ended Lead


This 2 meter lead can be used for all things you need a lead for:

  • Normal walking on a lead with a handle
  • Hands-free walking/training
  • Tethering the dog next to you
  • Training with the double set-up (read more on double attachment to harnesses with front and back clips here)

To find out what lengths this versatile leash can be adjusted to and what loop circumferences you can create (or which waists it would fit), check the Settings Guide.

Size Guide:
If on the cusp choose the bigger one if your dog is a strong puller or suddenly lunches to the end of the lead.

  • Small: <14kg
  • Large: >10kg

Rope Material - super strong, but soft European tubular nylon webbing of different widths:

  • Large 25mm
  • Small
    Blue/Green/Purple: 16mm
    Grey: 19mm


  • Zinc base carabiner, nickel plated, with swivel snap hook
    • 16mm, (~200kg breaking strength) for Large
    • 9mm, (~100kg breaking strength) for Small

Produced locally in Christchurch, New Zealand with the highest quality materials and stitching workmanship.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great lead, would buy again

16mm webbing is a good width and nice to hold. buckles are at good intervals and last one can be used to create a comfortable hand hold

Perfect, so glad you like it! :)

So many options!

I love that I can make this lead long, or short, have it around my body, or around a chair leg etc when I am out and about. It also works great with my perfect fit harness when I train loose leash walking!

Yay, we thought about the placements of the rings quite a bit, so glad it works well <3

Marie Duggan
Strong and versatile

I'm loving this lead! I especially like the double set up, as it gives more control when walking with Marley. I can very easily turn him around the other way if needed, and he seems to walk more closely to me. I also like being able to grip it with both hands

Marley is a big boy, so I am glad you have more control with the Perfect Fit harness / Training Lead combo. Thanks for sharing your review! :)

16mm double ended lead

Very versatile lead & perfect fit for my 9 month old whippet. The trainer at our puppy class asked to show it to the class to explain all the ways it can be used. Very happy with the lead.

That's so great to hear your trainer got to show you the versatility. Thanks so much for sharing your review!

Natarsha Smith
Best by far

We have found this to be the best as you can adjust the length perfectly. Good strong material too.

That's awesome, thanks so much for sharing. Personally a huge fan as well, so always great to hear when the appreciation is shared. :)