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Talking Pet Doorbell

Outside is just a paw away!

Are you over your dog barking at the door or scratching at it to go out? Help them communicate effectively if they need to go toilet or a door opened for other reasons. You can set a specific phrase like “can I come in?” or “outside, please” or use the pre-programmed bell sound which is loud and long.

Small or big dogs (and even determined cats) can touch the doorbell with their nose or paw to activate the bell sound or recorded instruction.

The doorbell has clear sounds that are audible around the house. Just mount the bell on your wall with included mounting strip, or set it next to the door.

Please note:

  • Not to be used as a toy, remove or replace if damaged.
  • Requires 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries and a Phillips screwdriver (not included).
  • For voice recordings keep your mouth about 10cm away from the talking hole and don't cover the hole with your finger while recording.

Customer Reviews

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A door-saving must

Took my pup about 4 sessions to get the hang of the doorbell and start using it outside to come in. He now goes out to bring the cat in and ring the doorbell for both of them. He also runs ahead of us to ring the bell to come in! We can hear it from outside when we are inside, which was a key thing we needed as he has other going out indicators. We will have to make sure we place it out of the rain when it is in the final location following our renovations as it is not weatherproof but it is not meant to be, so we can solve that issue.

Can't wait for the final video of him using the doorbell, that's fantastic it's working so well!! :)
Clever he's letting the cat in too!