Lickimat Hive

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Suction Cups on a Lickimat 🤯


An enrichment, anti-anxiety, slow feeder for sticking to flat surfaces such as windows, showers and hard floors. Chunkier bits can be used in the hive part while spreads are perfect for the nubs.

With raised walls and soothing nubs that “massage” your dog’s tongue and activate the relaxing hormone to help relieve stress and anxiety - it's perfect for use during bathtime and grooming.


  • Made of high-quality food grade silicone
  • Soft, flexible, durable, safe
  • 100% dishwasher safe, freezer-friendly
  • Designed for hydrotherapy, grooming and bathing
  • Perfect for vertical surfaces like showers and windows
  • Ø 18.5cm, height: 2cm

Not intended for chewing. Note that the FeastMats in our store are tougher which could be more appropriate for your dog's play style in non-handling circumstances.

Have a look here for some spread ideas!

How to train your dog to use the LickiMat correctly and to not chew it? Read here!


Customer Reviews

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Tanya Pink

Cannot recommend this Licki mat enough!!! 150% you need this!!! I have a 35kg dog that is scared of baths, showers, even sponge baths, skin cream (he has bad skin) anything new is scary for him. Peanut butter is his favourite food and this licki mat has changed our life! I suction it to a hard surface and I can cream his skin and he doesn’t move, he recently had his first ever shower that he almost seemed to enjoy and didn’t once try to escape the shower, he needs medicated washes, so he’s in there for a good 15mins and we managed that NO PROBLEM with this mat. Omg cannot recommend it enough for stress free handling ❤️

That just warms our heart. Would love to see a photo or video. Thanks so much for the review, that's just awesome! <3