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Intermediate Fun For Your Pup - Puzzle & Feeder in one


Dogs have to navigate the three layers of food compartments by spinning each one to reveal the treats. With over 100 (in Standard; over 70 in Puppy) treat compartments, this dog puzzle toy will keep dogs busy and engaged. It even has enough space to be used as a slow feeder in order to lengthen mealtimes and encourage your dog to eat at a slower, healthier pace. Perfect for dry dog food, kibble, treats, wet food, spreads and raw food, it's easy to smear it out by taking apart the three layers and filling each layer with your dog's favourite food.

Place the food in compartments throughout all 3 layers. Show your dog how the game works and encourage them to find treats - you can start easy by only placing food in the top layer. Increase the challenge by filling all layers and then even by freezing Lickin' Layers with natural yoghurt and some tasty treats or any other dog-friendly spreads! Licking helps dogs calm down. Dog puzzle games help dogs use their natural instincts and behaviours to help their brains develop through mental stimulation, and ones like Lickin' Layers provide the enrichment they crave! Lickin' Layers is made with food-safe materials free from BPA, PVC, and phthalates. Non-slip base prevents sliding.

Use as a slow feeder, improves digestion: The mazes or ridges on each layer force your dog to eat at a safer, healthier pace.

Standard: 26 x 26 x 6 cm; Puppy: 16.8 x 16.8 x 6 cm.

  • Fights boredom by keeping your dog busy – Boredom Busters

  • Helps reduce destructive behaviour by exercising your dog´s mind

  • Strengthen the bond with your dog

  • Fun for all dogs – regardless of age & size.

Easy to clean and take apart: Take apart the 3 layers and clean it by hand with warm water and soap. Dishwasher safe on top rack on low heat setting.

No toy is indestructible. Do not leave toys with unsupervised pets. Do not let your dog chew on the game or pieces. Remove and replace toy if damaged. When empty, store until next supervised use.

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Michi F
Lovin’ the Lickin’ Layers

Banjo is thrilled with the Lickin’ Layers puzzle he got for Christmas. He worked it out right away, so I guess we can graduate to one of her advanced puzzles 🤓 He seems to really love it and the addition to his feeding routine . We are using it for supper time now and I am enjoying having the layers to change up his food and vary it a little each day for him. It is usually licked totally clean and it is very sturdy and easy to wash. We are super happy with it!

Awesome! That's fantastic news. Remember you can freeze the layers as well if you wish to increase difficulty. :)