Puff & Play Refill Nuggets


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Refills for our cool Hangry Yeti & Yak


Have you got a Yeti Puff & Play and need some more Nuggets?

You can get these with Coconut or Turmeric Powder added.

Do Not give the nugget to your dog directly without puffing it first.

Puffing instructions:

  • Wet the nugget a little before popping it into your Puff & Play.
  • When puffing the first time, try going just 40 seconds as you can always go a bit longer if it's not fully puffed.
  • You will figure out the exact duration that's perfect for your microwave. For us it's 60 seconds.

Nuggets are specifically shaped and sized to fit into the Yeti Puff & Play or you can just create some Hokey Pokey without the toy. 🐶

Find out more about the Yak Chews here!

Please always supervise your pets with new treats and toys.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Buying for the third time

Have found my dog loves these. He’s big and it takes him a while to eat. Note they do make a little crumbly mess.

Thanks for the review, glad you like them. That's true, they leave little crumbs behind. Glad they take the big boy a while. :)

You need to wet these pellets or they stink out microwave with smoke and acrid smell of burnt milk

The microwave was full of smoke when I first used these, and it took 3 days for the smell in the kitchen to dissipate.
My dog was happy with the toy. Wetting them solved the problem, although even then be care not to overcook them.
I think wetting them is an essential part of the instructions that was initially missed out.

I am so glad we found a solution for this and so sorry again that the kitchen got stunk up the first time!
I am glad we could use your feedback to improve the instructions on the product pages and we are also now sending an email to first time nugget users to make sure they know how to easily puff them without burning them. Thanks again for the review! :)