Snack Snakes


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Lick and Squeak Fun


The Snack Snake will keep your dog entertained while they work to lick the spreads, treats, meat or kibble from the snake's belly. The snake has a squeaker in the head for extra fun, even once the treats are gone.

Made from non-toxic TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) this interactive toy is flexible, durable and easy to clean in warm water with a mild detergent. Please note though that it is a puzzle-toy and not a chew toy, the Snack Snake should not be left unsupervised with dogs that are likely to chew on it.

Easy to fill with the slit along the belly being nice and flexible.

  • Coiled: 18cm
  • Long: 42cm
  • Lil': 27cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Laura H
Great toy

I like that this product is something different! Wet food works great in this however, it is quite hard to get it in. I tried inserting dry treats but my pup doesn't seem able to get these out.

We usually use a knife to spread some peanut butter or similar into the slit. Interesting that your pup struggles to get the treats out as I see they are good with Qwizl, Snoop, etc. so know how to work for food and persevere. Maybe try some smaller treats to begin with?

Karen McKnight
Lick and Squeak Fun toy

Really cool toy for my Foxie. She loves it and it keeps her occupied until she gets all the treats out of it. Thank you very much for such a prompt reply and delivery.

Awesome, sounds like the Foxie is having a great time with it. It's a hit in our household as well :)

Clara Gyllensten
We love this!

My terrier gets super excited when I prep the snake with goodies. It keeps him busy for a good 15min!

Nice, 15 minutes of enjoyment is not too bad, thanks for sharing. <3

A hit with both of my dogs

We have the stretched out shape snake. My 11 year old dog seems to really enjoy getting kibble out of this and perseveres for longer than he will with most toys and puzzles. My 3 year old dog likes getting kibble out, and also shaking it, and throwing it around; he enjoys make it squeak with a hard bite (which it has stood up to so far, but I haven't let my dog have it for too long). I am thinking of buying another snake :)

Yay, love that the Snake is a success! Thanks so much for letting us know. :)

Cptn Feijoa
The best slow feeder

This was the best random purchase in a while. I was curious about this toy but didnt think too much of it.
I bought the long snake and it's awesome! It lasts for so long - our dog usually gets through chew tous and puzzle feeders pretty quickly. A little bit fiddly to stuff but totally worth it!

Ha! Love it that you discovered our Snack Snake! They don't look like that much but we would also consider them one of our favourite slow feeders for spreads. Thanks for the review!!