Yak Gulp Stopper


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Extend the life of your chew


Does your dog chew & swallow things faster than a speeding bullet?! Jughead - Chew Gulp Stopper is here to save the day! It protects your dog against speedy chew chomping and even extends the life of the chew.

Chew smarter & longer! Jughead is powerful, puzzling, and protective! It slows down chew time and makes chews last longer. Pair with our Yak Chews or they can also hold lots of other chews too, from Bull Pizzles to carrots. It’s easy to use, simply bend Jughead in the center and slide the treat in to hold it in place. It’s now ready for your dog to enjoy and have fun.

Key features:

  • Top shelf dishwasher safe
  • 100% synthetic rubber
  • Yak Chew fits:
    Classic fits most Medium (Small fit as well, but they are short and can fall out, so would need to be secured with a separate chew)
    Super fits most Large and X-Large
    Yak Chews not included!

Your dog a Yak fan? Have you discovered the Yeti yet?

Please always supervise your pets with new treats and toys.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
So good he buried it

Yep. Fave socks get buried. Fave treats get buried. This got buried. But Mama found it and dug it and now it’s an inside only treat. Smart Boy did manage to work out how to get the stick out of the toy and he still got through it much quicker than Sweet Girl. But I’d planned ahead and bought the puffy-trick toys too so his got used in that and hers will live to be chewed another day. Happy dogs. Happy Mama.

Love those photos! One made it onto the product page. :D
So glad you found it again and it's working so well. And awesome that you got to combine the action with the Puff & Play later. Thanks for sharing <3

So good!

I have some super chewers in my house and this helped slow them down so much! Our dogs love the yak chews a lot.They don't last that long in our house so this product helped slow down their chomping and made their fave chewy last way longer! Win win for everyone.

That's so great to hear. Thanks so much for the review. Love that the Yaks will give them joy for even loooonger. :)