Zee.Dog Super Fruitz


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A unique, polygonal shaped Doggy Fruit Platter


This interactive treat dispensing toy is durable, tough and loads of fun! Stuff them with your dog's favourite treats for a fun and challenging time. Or fill it with meat or spreads.


  • Your dog is going to love the Super Orange: 8 x 8 cm; 71 ml
  • Your dog will fall in love with the Super Pear: 8 x 7 cm, 52 ml
  • Your dog is going to go bananas with the Super Banana: 14 x 4 cm, 33 ml

Features & Benefits:

  • Made of 100% non-toxic durable natural rubber
  • Treat dispensing bottom for extra play hours
  • Polygonal edges help clean teeth and prevent tartar build up
  • Erratic bounce
  • Fruity smell keeps your dog more entertained
  • Perfect for entertaining, training and rewarding your dog
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only

Please remember every dog guardian is responsible for their dog’s safety. While Zee.Dog Super Fruitz are made to last, they are not indestructible and have not been designed for aggressive and destructive chewers.

Customer Reviews

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Amy Melchior
Banana - a fav of Pedros

This is a repeat purchase as it’s something that Pedro adores. As a young pup (he is a rescue from a terrible situation) he didn't eat anything. Food was something he was basically terrified of. The Banana saved him - we would stuff it with his dinner and turn it into a game. Hide and seek - catch anything fun and then he would slowly eat the dinner while chewing on the toy. Now i can stuff treats in it or yoghurt and freeze it for some chill time. Best of all he now loves his dinner and eats normally !

Oh, that's so lovely, so glad he became more happy and confident with time. Play sure helps with that. Thanks so much for sharing <3