Lickimat Waves


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Suction Cups on a Lickimat 🤯


An enrichment, anti-anxiety, slow feeder for sticking to flat surfaces such as windows, showers and hard floors. Chunkier bits can be used in the waves part while spreads are perfect for the nubs.

With raised walls and soothing nubs that “massage” your dog’s tongue and activate the relaxing hormone to help relieve stress and anxiety - it's perfect for use during bathtime and grooming.


  • Made of high-quality food grade silicone
  • Soft, flexible, durable, safe
  • 100% dishwasher safe, freezer-friendly
  • Designed for hydrotherapy, grooming and bathing
  • Perfect for vertical surfaces like showers and windows
  • 18 x 20cm, height 3cm, suction pad Ø 15cm

Not intended for chewing. Note that the FeastMats in our store are tougher which could be more appropriate for your dog's play style in non-handling circumstances.

Have a look here for some spread ideas!

How to train your dog to use the LickiMat correctly and to not chew it? Read here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lick Mat UFO

Bought this to use when my dog is doing his underwater treadmill hydrotherapy.Works a treat to keep him walking and focused and he loves it.

Perfect use for it, glad it's working well. :)

Di W
Great for speedy eaters

These bowl has been great for our two (Labrador and Golden Retriever). They freeze well, and are great in the dishwasher too (not that it's necessary given they end up completely spotless after a meal) :-) These have been a great investment, I'm glad I got them! We can do full meals (sometimes frozen) or just a bit of peanut butter or plain yoghurt to calm them down after some crazy running around outside.

Nice, glad to hear they work so well for your guys. Licking sure is calming. :)


This has been a massive game changer! My dog has always hated being brushed but I spread a bit of peanut butter over this and it distracts him so much that I can give him a thorough brush every time.

That's so awesome, nice work! That must reduce stress heaps for both of you. <3

Colleen Ahalt-Eagle
Entertainment plus

This is a helpful resource for both my puppy and my 3 year old dogs it entertains one while I do something with the other and vida versa!

Perfect use for it, thanks for sharing. <3