WestPaw Funnl


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Doggy Energy? Funnl It!


Check out this dynamic chew duo for dogs—an enrichment toy that holds a Yak Chew and takes its gnawsomeness to a wholesome new level. Together, they create dopamine-boosting stimulation that dogs crave, need, and love. Puzzle toys help stimulate dogs’ brains to support healthy growth.

From teething adolescents, to seniors with mobility issues, there are many ways to use this chew duo as a way to solve your daily dog challenges. This awesome West Paw toy stimulates minds and satisfies taste buds.

Funnl’s secret rim: For an extra pup surprise, load the secret rim with spreads or wet food or soaked kibble. And even go ahead and freeze it if you like.

Enrichment combos like Funnl + Yak Chews are a perfect solution to channeling a dog's energy and settling their minds.

Key Features:

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Made with Recycled Ocean Bound Plastic in the US
  • BPA Free, Latex Free & FDA Compliant
  • Extends life of Yak Chews
    • Large Yak Chews are pretty much the perfect size
    • Thick Medium and Thin X-Large will also work well
  • Easy for dogs to hold in place with paws
  • 9 x 10 x 9 cm
  • Covered by our One-Time Replacement Guarantee
Always supervise a new toy. When it comes to a toy your dog has never had before, always watch your dog interact with it for a bit to see how they do. (Even if they just want some me-time.) That said, you’re already on the right track: West Paw’s toys are 100% safe and non-toxic. Unsupervised use is risky. This toy is built safe and tough but no dog toy is indestructible.
    The Oceanworks® Guarantee ensures that the material meets guidelines for source authenticity of ocean-bound recycled material, supply chain transparency, and social and environmental compliance.

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      Matt Akehurst
      Mini gives it 5 stars

      A simple design, but kept Mini happy for ages. I stuff a possum tail in there for some treat free fun.

      Awesome, that's a great idea, we shall give that a try as well. Thanks for sharing. <3